Patch Planer

The PRODEM Patch Planer provides the ultimate solution for tackling permanent road repairs, including potholes. It’s ideal for milling sections of hard compact surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete, in preparation for trenching or resurfacing, and removes the entire layer of material evenly.

Excavator Range: 2 – 24t

Product features:

  • PATENTED performer – visual indicator of available power to maximise productivity
  • Mechanical depth adjuster
  • Efficiently prepares surfaces for reinstatement
  • Mills on horizontal, vertical or sloped surfaces
  • Swinging support pivots on same axis as cutting drum to give perfect finish, no matter the contour or excavator position
  • PATENTED Independent LH-RH depth slides (ED models only) allows perfect side by side passes
  • Precision cutting action is achieved efficiently using powerful rotating tungsten tipped picks
  • Gives a controlled scarified clean finish
  • Various cutting widths and depths
  • Milled material can be reused for backfilling trenches
  • Special drums and rotation unit available upon request
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