Hydraulic Hammer

Hydraulic Hammer


The PRODEM Hydraulic Hammer offers power, reliability, innovative durability, low operating costs and exemplary customer satisfaction. It is fully silenced for sound sensitive sites and has impressive power for large demolition sites.

Excavator Range: 1 – 100t

Product features:

  • Through bolt – reduces torsion stress
  • Full box enclosure – extremely durable welded structure that reduces noise
  • Long piston stroke – minimises recoil
  • Perfect cushion dampener – reduces noise and vibration
  • Centralised lubricating system – auto-greasing kit available
  • Pro speed dual speed control system (PRB150 upwards)
  • Anti-blank firing system (PRB150 upwards)
  • Auto-stop and start
  • Hardened rock claw
  • Single high pressure accumulator (PRB200 upwards)
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