Crusher Bucket

Crusher Bucket


The PRODEM crusher bucket is designed to efficiently crush and convert waste material including brick, concrete, rock and even wood, into reusable hardcore or infill, directly on site and can increase productivity and safety by decreasing operator input.

Excavator Range: 8 – 55 ton

Product features:

  • PATENTED auto-reverse crushing drum dislodges blockages to maintain productivity
  • High displacement radial piston hydraulic motors give exceptional force – almost any material can be crushed
  • Tooth design crushes materials quickly and efficiently
  • Replaceable wear resistant teeth, which are forged using KenCastTM technology from Kennametal
  • Simple and quick tooth replacement minimises downtime
  • Material output size varies by simply adjusting the distance between the teeth 50 -130mm
  • Drum design allows easy forward or rear facing loading
  • Lightweight frame
  • Low noise output and no vibrations
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